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project 15 :LED Controller

1. LED Controller

 *  Bluetooh Basic: LED ON OFF - Avishkar
 *  Coder - Mayoogh Girish
 *  Website - http://bit.do/Avishkar
 *  Download the App : 
 *  This program lets you to control a LED on pin 13 of arduino using a bluetooth module
char Incoming_value = 0;                //Variable for storing Incoming_value
void setup() 
  Serial.begin(9600);         //Sets the data rate in bits per second (baud) for serial data transmission
  pinMode(13, OUTPUT);        //Sets digital pin 13 as output pin
void loop()
  if(Serial.available() > 0)  
    Incoming_value = Serial.read();      //Read the incoming data and store it into variable Incoming_value
    Serial.print(Incoming_value);        //Print Value of Incoming_value in Serial monitor
    Serial.print("\n");        //New line 
    if(Incoming_value == '1')            //Checks whether value of Incoming_value is equal to 1 
      digitalWrite(13, HIGH);  //If value is 1 then LED turns ON
    else if(Incoming_value == '0')       //Checks whether value of Incoming_value is equal to 0
      digitalWrite(13, LOW);   //If value is 0 then LED turns OFF

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Let’s Start Building
The circuit is so simple and small, there are only a few connections to be made
Arduino Pins           Bluetooth Pins
RX (Pin 0)     ———->      TX

TX (Pin 1)      ———->      RX
5V                ———->      VCC
GND             ———->      GND
Connect a LED negative to GND of Arduino and positive to pin 13 with a resistance valued between 220Ω – 1KΩ. And you're done with the circuit