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Basic English Grammar: For English Language Learners (Basic English Grammar for English Language Learners)


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Language is an exceptionally old field of study. Did you realize that the sentence was initial isolated into subject and action word by Plato, the acclaimed logician from antiquated Greece? That was around 2,400 years prior! Since the time at that point, understudies everywhere on the world have thought that it was advantageous to examine the structure of words and sentences. Why? Since ability in talking and composing is the sign of every single taught individual. Exercise by exercise, this book gives essential guidance in the eight grammatical forms—things, pronouns, action words, modifiers, intensifiers, relational words, conjunctions, and additions—just as the standard examples of English sentences. All understudies of English, be they local speakers or the individuals who are considering English as a subsequent language, will benefit from the key presentation and survey of punctuation gave by SADDLEBACK'S BASIC ENGLISH GRAMMAR 1 and 2. Accommodating minor notes all through the books have been given to fortify existing abilities and point out normal trouble spots. We wish you each accomplishment in your quest for English capability.

Download pdf here


Look at the underlined words in the following

sentences. Do you know what kinds of adjectives

they are?

In the blanks write C if the underlined words tell you

about color, S if they tell you about size, Ql if they tell

you about quality, O if they tell you about origin, or Qn if

they tell you about the number or quantity of things.

1 Dad has two pairs of shoes. ___

2 One pair is brown and the other pair ___

is black. ___

3 This is a very simple puzzle. ___

4 What color is the American flag? ___

5 A kind fairy appeared before Cinderella. ___

6 He is a proud man. ___

7 There is some food left. ___

8 Tom is wearing a blue T-shirt. ___

9 Jack has ten marbles; Peter has twenty. ___ ___

10 How many marbles have Jack and Peter ___


11 There is an Indian temple in the city. ___

12 There is a large crowd outside the temple. ___

13 My house is just a few miles from the ___


14 They are driving a small car. ___

15 Sue likes those yellow and red balloons. ___ ___